Tammy Solorzano – How Power Placing Helped Change My Career

Personal & Professional Background: Tell Us About Tamara

I am a mother of three beautiful children, who serve as my primary motivation for personal and professional growth. In addition to my family, I share my home with two dogs and two chickens. In 2018, I decided to transition to remote work due to the social and political challenges facing Nicaragua at the time. This led me to explore various companies that offered remote work opportunities. However, many of them posed significant challenges, as they required employees to sit in front of a computer for eight straight hours without the flexibility necessary for accommodating personal responsibilities, such as potty training my youngest child. After extensive research and positive feedback, I embarked on my journey with Dayporter, now known as PowerPlacing.
Throughout my career, I’ve gained diverse experience in various industries, including customer service, management, sales, technical support, and quality assurance. This professional journey has significantly elevated my skill set and propelled me into higher positions within the organizations I’ve served. Today, I proudly hold the role of Business Manager at PowerPlacing. Beyond my professional life, I am an avid reader, enjoy quality time with my children through activities like coloring, and share a passion for soccer. I also engage in several hobbies related to arts and crafts.

Why Did You Choose To Work With PowerPlacing?

My introduction to PowerPlacing came at a crucial moment in my life. I had heard about the remarkable history of the exceptional work environment at the company, which made me apply.

How Have You Grown Since Being Part Of This Team – Both Personally and Professionally

My journey with PowerPlacing has been transformative, both professionally and personally. I began my tenure as a Sales Development Representative (SDR) and have ascended to the esteemed position of Business Manager, which carries substantial responsibilities within the company. My presence is widely recognized, not only by our clients but also by our staff, who find it easy to approach me. I foster an environment where it feels as though there is no geographical separation between our clients’ companies and myself.

On a personal level, my growth has been profound. The leadership at PowerPlacing has inspired us to believe that we are not just employees but individuals with unique strengths and essential pillars in the company’s structure. This approach has not only influenced my professional growth but has also encouraged personal development, emphasizing the importance of maintaining physical and mental health. The sense of being part of a family where mutual support and care are paramount has profoundly impacted my self-confidence and well-being. I started my journey with doubts about my abilities and self-care, but today, I see substantial improvements. Although I recognize that my journey is ongoing, I have the unwavering support and belief of my leaders and teammates.

How Would You Describe the Culture You’ve Helped Create Here? 

  • PowerPlacing corporate a culture synonymous with family, rooted in unwavering adherence to our core values. Each represents an indispensable pillar within the company, making us a robust and united team. We prioritize open and effective communication, not only for achieving our professional goals but also for nurturing personal growth. During our brightest days and in the face of adversity, we can always count on one another.

In Your Words: Why Should Someone Consider Working With Virtual Talent In Latin America? 

Choosing to work with virtual talent in Latin America offers a multitude of compelling advantages. Beyond the cost-effectiveness, Latin American professionals bring a strong sense of responsibility and adaptability. We can seamlessly collaborate with your team, regardless of geographical distances, and accommodate varied schedules. With a wealth of experience, we are well-equipped to tackle challenges and offer innovative solutions. Furthermore, Latin Americans, often bilingual, are known for their approachable nature, creative thinking, and ability to think outside the box. This region presents a rich tapestry of opportunities for those seeking a diverse and skilled workforce.

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