Empowering Careers: Fernanda Cabrales’ Transformation with PowerPlacing

Personal & Professional Background: Tell Us About Fernanda Cabrales

I hail from Nicaragua and currently study Business Administration. I’m the youngest of three siblings and reside with my parents. Regarding my professional journey, I began my career in sales in 2018 at a computer services and consulting company, where I worked for two years. Seeking new challenges, I transitioned to an administrative role in an e-commerce company to expand my knowledge of logistics and digital commerce platforms.

Subsequently, I pursued a role in customer service at another digital commerce platform, providing support to platform creators via email and chat. These experiences honed a diverse skill set. Driven by a desire for further growth, I sought to enhance my sales expertise. Hence, I joined PowerPlacing, to be a part of a unique team of winners.

Why Did You Choose To Work With PowerPlacing?

I was seeking a stable work environment and had heard positive feedback about PowerPlacing—its company culture and overall environment. Consequently, I eagerly seized the opportunity to join the PowerPlacing team.

How Have You Grown Since Being Part Of This Team – Both Personally and Professionally

I’ve never experienced such strong motivation as I have here. The support from my leaders, colleagues, and the remarkable culture that prioritizes our well-being is truly impressive. This environment has shown me the blend of professionalism with genuine care, making work enjoyable and attainable. It has taught me to have greater faith in both myself and others, emphasizing the importance of teamwork as the cornerstone of success.

How Would You Describe the Culture You’ve Helped Create Here? 

From the very beginning, they involve you in their culture and encourage you to contribute positively. They motivate you to bring out your best self to support the team’s growth. Communication, support, and respect are at the core of everything we do.

In Your Words: Why Should Someone Consider Working With Virtual Talent In Latin America? 

We highly value the opportunities presented to us, which is why we strive to deliver our best. These opportunities have challenged us, as Latin Americans, to delve deeper into languages, cultures, and skills. Through this, we’ve discovered our capability to learn anything and create effective strategies to achieve the results desired by our company and leaders.

Can PowerPlacing Help You?

If you’re interested in boosting your sales, productivity, and overall business success, arrange a brief introductory call with Sophia. Book directly on her calendar to explore the optimal virtual setup here scheduling directly to her calendar here solutions tailored to your needs and business.

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