My PowerPlacing Story – María Ortiz

Personal & Professional Background: 

I was born and raised in Nicaragua, I study marketing and communications, have two dogs and live on my own. When it comes to work I started a call center career in 2016 for a tech support company via chat and email. I worked there for two years and a half and it prepared me for the sales world. I then worked one year for a well known telecommunications company selling various devices and services. 

Back in 2016, I took my first steps at a call center, helping customers with tech support through chat and email. It was an eye-opening experience that taught me the ropes. After spending a solid two and a half years there, I felt the itch to explore the realm of sales. So, I switched to a well-known telecommunications company, where I got to sell all kinds of tech devices and services. After that, I joined Power Placing to be part of a beautiful and diverse team. 

Why Did You Choose To Work With PowerPlacing?

I was looking for a stable place to work and I felt people and the work itself resonated with me. I heard only good things about the company and about the environment so I didn’t hesitate to take the opportunity that’s been life changing for me.

How Have You Grown Since Being Part Of This Team – Both Personally and Professionally

First of all, I felt since the beginning identified with the company’s core values, I want to say I do my best to stick to them and honestly, it has been changing at so many levels. They’ve shown me you can have fun while working while others can only dream about. I’ve learned to manage time, be accountable, take care of myself and be kind to others. 

How Would You Describe Culture You’ve Helped Create Here? 

What sets PowerPlacing apart is the incredible culture we’ve cultivated together. We’re a tight-knit team that celebrates the best of both American and Latin traditions, values, and ways of thinking. Our understanding of these diverse cultures allows us to bring a warm and familiar touch to our work. Collaboration, respect, and open communication are at the heart of everything we do. We support one another, foster innovation, and create an environment where everyone feels valued and motivated to excel. 

In Your Words: Why Should Someone Consider Working With Virtual Talent In Latin America? 

Outsourcing isn’t anything new in Latin American countries but it’s been a game-changer for multiple companies and businesses. Throughout the years it has shown there are many advantages like hiring capable and affordable personnel, similar time zones to avoid burnout and good English speaking people with an understanding of American culture.

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