Job Description

As a Business Manager your role will be vital in driving business growth and building brand awareness. Your responsibilities will include conducting cold outreach, managing email campaigns, performing market research, engaging in content marketing, and more. To manage our website, and ensure that it is up-to-date, and reflects our evolving brand identity, proficiency in WordPress is a must.

Key Responsibilities

1. Cold Outreach:

  • Conduct cold lead generation.
  • Send cold emails and make cold calls to potential clients.

2. WordPress Proficiency:

Make website updates, including photo swaps, video additions, and content changes.

3. Competitive Analysis:

  • Research competitors’ products, pricing strategies, and sales techniques.
  • Identify opportunities for differentiation beyond our unique attributes.

4. Content Marketing:

  • Create engaging content, including blog posts and infographics.
  • Manage and maintain social media accounts on platforms like Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and TikTok to generate leads.
  • Engage with potential customers on both the commercial and residential sides.

5. Email Campaigns:

  • Design and execute email marketing campaigns targeting leads and prospects.
  • Nurture relationships and generate excitement about our services.

6. Market Outreach:

  • Explore potential partnerships with complimentary businesses that can lead to mutual referrals or collaborations.

7. Content Curation:

  • Curate relevant industry news and articles to share with leads and prospects.
  • Establish OrganiClean as a valuable source of information.

8. Sales Analytics:

  • Analyze sales data to identify patterns and trends that inform sales strategies.

9. Partnership Development:

  • Explore potential partnerships with complimentary businesses for mutual referrals or collaborations.

10. Recruitment Support:

  • Create and post job listings on various platforms.
  • Craft compelling job descriptions.
  • Review incoming resumes and conduct initial screenings.
  • Schedule interviews and manage communication with candidates.

11. Onboarding Assistance:

  • Prepare necessary documents for new hires.
  • Collect required documents from new employees.
  • Candidate Database Management:
  • Maintain a candidate database with resumes, applications, contact information, and interview notes.
  • Build a talent pool for future hiring needs.

12. Exit Interviews:

  • Conduct exit interviews to gather feedback from departing employees.


● Ability to collect, track, and analyze large amounts of data. Precision in maintaining accurate records, proposals, and client information. Minimizing errors in scheduling and coordination

● Adaptability and strong problem-solving skills. Proactive.

● Excellent active listening skills.

● Ability to build rapport and collaborate with others within the company such as sales, marketing, and support, to ensure seamless client experiences.

● Strong organizational skills to manage multiple client accounts, appointments, and tasks efficiently.

● Understanding of consumer behaviors and industry trends.

● Extensive, accurate product knowledge.

● Ability to work independently and manage personal and team member time, keeping deliverables and deadlines top of mind

● A results-driven mindset with the ability to set and achieve goals, both individually and as part of a team.

● Willingness to learn and adapt to new technologies, tools, and industry trends.

● Relevant Experience in account management, customer service or sales is highly valuable

● Demonstrated success in client relationship management and business development.

● Excellent verbal and written communication skills are essential for effective client interactions.

● Articulating ideas clearly and persuasively is crucial for creating proposals and engaging clients.

● Sales Skills: Proficiency in sales techniques, including lead generation, cold calling, and closing deals.

● Ethical Conduct: A commitment to ethical business practices and maintaining client confidentiality.

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Learn how a virtual manager transformed this

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Learn how a virtual manager transformed this residential cleaning company in

just 180 days!

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